We are proud to be the only dealer on the East Coast that sells the sough after line of mezzo-forte carbon fiber instruments! We have been in the process of selling these impeccable instruments for approximately a year, and they have become one of he most popular items on our website. Produced in Germany, they are made with high quality materials and produce a beautiful tone. You can enjoy video demonstrations of these instruments performed by a quartet, as well as solo demonstrations on our website to see the versatility of the mezzo-forte instruments. As a professional cellist myself who is depicted in these videos, I can unequivocally say that the cello, along with the other mezzo-forte instruments are on par with their wooden counterparts. The nuances of the tone is easily manipulated to comply with the demands of the piece I'm playing, and the cello is extremely responsive to fast technical passages. And of course, due to the fact the instruments are made out of carbon fiber, you don't have to worry about changes in the climate such as humidity/dryness and extreme temperatures. And there is nothing better than the Wittner pegs that the instruments come with that make the instruments (particularly the cello) a breeze to tune. The instruments are a head turner with contemporary design and almost a mirror like reflection, and when combined with the beautiful sound, you can't beat mezzo-forte.

We offer the most competitive price for the mezzo-forte line of instruments, and we welcome you to stop by and try them out at our store in Long Island, New York. ADD TO CART AND SEE REDUCED PRICE!